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Someone me understand why people are getting mad that everyone is asking questions from the marlboro contest? how else is everyone supposed get the answers but to look it up on different websites like this.There are probably millions of people involved with the contest including me and it is going to be a hard one to win a million dollars. so stop getting pissed because people are revealing some of the answers, cuz everyone knows that the ones getting mad about it are also writing the answers down!

i wonder what kind of 'batooty' loulou has and if I could actually do something besides kick it all over this here bar and restaurant should the opportunity arise and i decide to weigh my options instead

It is absolutely positively cheating! You are cheating YOURSELF to the most educational history lesson you will ever recieve on American natural and man-made history.
Now go and erase all the answers you have copied off of other peoples papers and re-research everything all over again.
Are'nt you kids ever ashamed of yourselves for acting in such a reprehensible manner with this deplorable behavior of an inexcusable dispicabality that you are engaged in? Say ten Hail Marys too

umm, let's all fess up, we're all here for the same reason, a million. If I'm not right, you can kick my batooty in the middle of the floor of that there bar and restaurant.

Yes it is cheating, it's deplorable, everyone here should burn their answer sheets immediately.

No, you can get information how ever possible..DL Blair is taking care of this contest noy Marlboro......Phone # is 1-800-MARLBORO (DL Blair handles contest for several Co.)

Using knowbrainers is not cheating. Cheating is when you copy answers of another without their permission.

It is funny to me coming into this conversation after the fact because some folks are mad because we are all after the same goal and others don't seem to care how we all get the answers. For those of you who are mad about us using this web site and others like it to get answers, why are you on this site? If you believe that using a site like this as a tool to find the information we are all obviously looking for is cheating, WHY, I ask again, are you on this site? TO THOSE WHO STILL AREN'T SURE, THIS IS NOT CHEATING. The rules are very clear that you can take the "road trip" without leaving your home. The internet, books, and educated discussion with anyone is the key. I say GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE, regardless of how they get the CORRECT answers.

Yeah,.....blueeyes, the answers have to be researched any way, aand some involve a GREAT DEAL of research,,,,,,,,,,,,,You tell em!

They believe this is cheating. I think so in a way myself. But if in my quest to find the answers if i stumble across this site, than I believe it is fair game. We are all still going to get the tie breaker question. The method of looking for the answers on your own is what should be happening not asking others to give you the anwer. the winner is more than likely going to be someone who truely took all the answers from these sites, while the ones that come across this site to get a push in the right dirction and searching will not win. I don't have my hopes on winning or making it to the ranch, but this has been a great learning experiance for me. If nobody asked to get the answers than it would be more fair in winning the game. Me personally GOOD LUCK TO ALL IN THIS GAME GET IT HOWEVER YOU CAN!!!!!!!

Ummmm. Yea. Right. When an answer is given and everyone get mad, that gives the people "that are not intelligent enough" a good reason to think that would be the right one. There's alot of answers given that are hed herrings. Besides, how intelligent is anyone playing this game from a multi billion dollar company that sell an addictive product that has the potential of killing someone?

hey, I'm using the atlus olld-old books anything that has to due with history is fair game. besides a million bucks is a million bucks see you at the ranch

I was thinking the same exact thing. What is with people and their attitudes? Can't we just get along?

I don't know why anyone would get mad, only one LUCKY person is going to win the $million.
But if we all work together to get the right answers for point you get to pick your prize based on the points you have gotten for correct answers. The top item being a laptop for 1600 points.
Whats the big deal if every one got to pick there item that they want and take a chance at the $cash$$$ prize? I don't care if I get lucky and win the $$$ but I want the laptop for 1600 point guaranteed!!!!

Exactly. Trust no one. Only your own research. (Not paid research, either).

No everyone isnt looking at websites like this, some are actually researching, plus what do you care?

i get angry every i check here. all i see is people bickkering about wheather or not this is cheating . people, are you all here to have drama or help each other ???

Im with you blueeyes. I've spent hours ,days,weeks making my eyes bug out looking at this monitor. My teammates aren't very motivated. I have less than 50 and spent too much time on a few of the hard ones and neglected the rest. there is always next one if they do it again. When this is over I hope someone posts the answers to them. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU.

blue eyes... sorry to hear that your team mates are slacking... kind a know how you feel... the only reason i have a fighting chance is my sister is just as obsessed about this as i am ... evertone else on our team hasnt done much of anything... remember there is still time. id help you if i could but my sister would crucify me... good luck!

I personnally don't think helping other people out is cheating, I to have lost one of my team mates due to his fathers poor health he had to return to Europe to help his family. another one of my team mates had amajor problem with her computer. I did not bitch that I had to get the answers I just did it. I am a private investigator and have had good time searching for these clues, why because in my line of work thats what I do. If I get stuck on a case I ask for help that is not cheating. How do think people solve crimes by asking, searching and getting help from all...... resource. At time I get frustrated trying to find answers and yes I have seen several answer to the same clue, but its callewd deduction and investigating which includes asking for help. I can't tell you how many hours and days I have spent on the computer, how much coffee I have drank (Starbucks loves me) and how many cigarettes I have smoked or sat burning in the ash tray ( Im sure this was Marboros ideal) but I keep looking for answers from any source, I have gotten help from friends in the Air Force, my clients and libraries. This game should give all you people young and old understanding of your country this is something they do not teach in schools you have to research it. Quit complaining everyone has problems. Get your answers from whereever you can and learn something about your country in the process. I hope to see some of ya'll at the ranch.

well it is now december 1 and that means 17 days until the deadline. out of my team i have been the only person doing any research on this damn contest, i have only 57 out of the 100 clues answered and i still have the tie-breaker to think of. thank you to the couple of people who have helped me. i seriously doubt that my team will be winning anything, but i have learned alot. i decided to do this contest knowing that there was no way in hell that i was going to win the million, but for the chance to go to the ranch. that would have been my million. but seeing that the deadline is so close and i know that i won't even get to go to the ranch, I WANT TO SAY TO EVERYONE HERE, EVEN THE RUDE PEOPLE, GOOD LUCK AND I REALLY HOPE THAT THE TWENTY TEAMS THAT MAKE IT TO THE RANCH HAVE MORE FUN THEN THEY COULD IMAGINE.

how can you not avoid all of this its everywhere... and if anyone that gets to the "ranch" says that they did all the work on there own with out looking at these sites at least for verification is not being truthful.... all is fair in love and war.... right?

jnj ....if you think that this is cheating then why are you here, you want to cheat to get the million I guess...I am here to try to help others, so whats your excuse

i dont think it is cheating at all. i have used this site and yes researched everything, before believiing it is the right answer. i dont think its wrong to work together as much as we can. just think folks if we all put this much effort in to what is going on in this countre

its not cheating. i myself have used this sight and find it helpful. i also research everything before believing it is the correct answer ( you would be crazy not too ). It has at least given me a starting point. every one of us can look at that book and see different ways of interpting what they say.

I called Marlboro after doing internet searches which lead to sites such as this and they said however you find the answers....the point is if you find something in one of these sites, don't just write it as a given, but research and make sure it's the answer you're looking for...the final 20 teams are chosen from the best answers to the 100 clues and the tie-breaker...So those who are complaining-don't answer if you don't want to help...

Thats funny you say that we are "stupid". I'm not here to get the answer...I'm hear to get another clue as to where I might find the answer. Not everyone looks at these clues the same way...and therefore for one...that does not make anyone stupid....makes everyone different. Which I'm very thankful I'm not like a lot of people out there that have their panties all up in a knot. I've spent my hours and days looking for answers...and if I happen to find another clue on this or any other be it. And just because someone says "blah" is the answer...does not mean it's the right answer....and if someone wants to jump on that as the answer and not do the research...they are crazy for it....but thats not yours or my problem. In order to make sure any answer is the correct answer...they have to do the research....period. And like someone else said on this site.....if you think THIS is cheating....what brings YOU here?

I've spent hours and hours researching answers to find that when I relate the effort, someone will say: " I knew that, I saw it on Discovery", or "oh yeah, I stayed there once". The most difficult for some are the most apparant to others. Intelligence and search skills will lead one to these sites.
We're prolly all from different parts of the country and can have learned insights into questions that baffle the smartest here. Should we share? Short of just outright giving the answer or cleverly misdirecting (which btw is happening quite often here). I think if you get you should give.

There's enough questions that can be interpreted in so many ways, I don't think it's likely, that even using these forums, anyone's 100 answers will be identical or correct.

Screw those that come to read and take, I only hope they've adopted useless answers that they've been too lazy as well to research.

I think it's really silly that people get upset. I've looked on this site for "answers" But I dont just write it down. I don't take for granted that some people out there don't want me or others to win. Therefore I do my own research...but sometimes it helps when someone posts something....rather its the answer or another clue. Basically...I think you need to get a box of tissues and go cry us all a river some place else. I think anyone that is JUST writing down answers that they see others post on these kinds of sites and crazy for even trusting that to be the right answer until they have proved it to be so. But it doesnt really matter now does it.

I think it is cheating, but I need 4 more answers. I hope this is my year! 2 trips to Montana and no million dollar check yet! As far as I can tell my team and 2 others are the only ones that have been finalist in both of the other OWTW contest. This is my year! Beside all the questions that are posted here are pretty easy ones. I answered a few because I felt sorry for the people who posted them. If they have to ask those simple questions they really aren't bright enough to be competition.

What is pissing the rest of us off is that "WE" the others that are trying to solve these clues, and that are doing it by our own hard work, are gettign pissed because people that are not intelligent enough to figure out the clues for themselves and find out their own answers do not deserve to win. When I work for hours to solve a clue and then see some web site that some other idiot just right out gave the answer to all of those out there that don't have the "ability" to figure it out.....when it means the difference of a million dollars or not....well...there's your answer.

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